Introduction to basketball or want to become a member?

On this page, you will find information on how to get introduced to basketball or become a member of MBCA.


Basketball's Cool

For the youngest boys and girls, we organise a weekly walk-in on Saturday morning in the Goudsmithal (Sportlaan 29 Amstelveen) supported by Amstelveen Sport and Zorg & Zekerheid. There are no obligations or membership required. No need to subscribe upfront.

The idea is to get the kids introduced to basketball in an easy way. The game and having fun are the basics. Throughout the year, a number of B'cool tournaments are organised.
Kids who enjoy the game of basketball can become a member of the club (starting u10 teams) 

For more information see the Basketball's Cool page



MBCA offers basketball for all ages: youth teams starting at u10 till u22 and adult teams ('Heren & Dames teams').
There is also the possibility for recreational basketball. Only training, no competition.
Interested? Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stating your name, birthdate and basketball experience 



We practice with the teams in the Goudsmithal (Sportlaan 29). If you would like to visit a training, simply drop in on Saturday morning (for the youngest kids,) or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contribution rates MBCA 2021-2022

At MBCA we use a standard contribution rate for all members (based on, among other things, costs for association membership, 2x training and 1 match per week).

Compared to the standard contribution rate, there is a surcharge for members who play nationally, train an extra time per week and/or have federation referees. Because not all teams/players who play nationally have to deal with all the above extra costs, there are 2 different surcharge rates (national A and national B/region+). Finally, there is a discount on the contribution for members who only train/U10 members.

For 2021-2022 this means that we use the following 4 rates:

Membership fee 180 euro per season
Competition contribution 350 euro per season (surcharge of 170 euro)
Contribution national A+ 665 euro per season (extra surcharge of 315 euro)
Contributie national B/region+ 475 euro per season (extra surcharge of 125 euro)

In addition, playing members must pay a one-time deposit of 30.00 euros for the uniforms made available by the club. 


Obligations as part of your membership

  • Paying the membership fee (on time)
  • Playing members starting at U16, will need to fulfill their referee and jury duty *
  • Playing members starting at U16, will need to follow a referee course (BT2)
  • Parents of youth players need to follow a jury course (how to handle the scoring on the tablet and score board)
  • Parents of youth players need to (by rotation) handle the scoring during home games
  • More rules are listed in huishoudelijk reglement. (currently Dutch only)

* Penalty system jury/referee's1x time not showing up: € 20,- fine and 1 extra duty in the next weekend.2x time not shown up: € 25,- fine on top.3x time not showing up: € 30,- fine on top and 1 game suspension.   After third no show, the board will decide on further actions.If you can't do your referee or jury duty, see if you can find replacement. There is a poule of people that can (for a compensation) take your shift.
Fines, damage or other irregularitiesThe MBCA board can fine members that do not fulfill their obligations. Fines that have been imposed by the Dutch basketball association, will be passed on to the member or team that caused the fine.Damage to the sports hall, equipment and property of others will also be recovered from the person who caused the damage. In addition, the board can impose a fine on members who fail to perform hall duties, who fail to show up at competitions and the like without notice.


At MBCA we work with standard fees for trainers/coaches who work for MBCA for an entire season.
The differences between the 5 standard fees are based, among other things, on the level of the NBB trainer diploma that the trainer/coach has in possession, the number of training hours and the level at which the team in question plays.

The 5 standard fees are all paid per quarter (Oct-Dec-Febr-Apr) and therefore in 4 parts. Below are the amounts for 2021-2022.

standard fee A           180 euro
standard fee B           350 euro
standard fee C           475 euro
standard fee D           665 euro
standard fee E          1350 euro

For other structural and time-consuming volunteer tasks, the fees are set annually by the board.