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Together with the trainers, the Technical Committee has been working hard on the team layout for the new season 2022-2023 in recent months.

Like every year, this is another huge puzzle to get this done for all teams. We have started drawing up principles and planning. The development of the players is always central to the composition of the teams. We pay attention to both the top sport line and the broad sport. When dividing the teams, we don’t only look at the current quality, but also at the development potential and athletic ability of the players and the composition of the teams. You understand that this is not an easy puzzle since we have more than 30 competition teams next season and all teams are quite full.

Not only the layout is a puzzle every year, but also to find enthusiastic trainers for all groups is a challenge. Fortunately, we are settled again for most teams, but there are still places open for some teams. Are you interested in training/coaching a team? Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask for the possibilities.

The TC wants to emphasize that the team division is a CONCEPT. For example, possible new members are added, which can influence the current team divisions. The final version of the format will be published in early September. If you have any questions or comments we ask you to contact the age coordinators of the TC:

  • Bcool: Han Crabbendam
  • U10/U12: Ray Bucher
  • U14: Igor Olaciregui Ruiz
  • U16: Grisjo Koers / Miro Gelevski
  • U18 : Remco Meeder
  • U22 & seniors : Peter Ogorodnikov
  • National teams: David Pablos

You can find the concept team layout here


Trainingen Nieuwe teams seizoen 2022/2023 Goudsmithal

U10 2013/2014 Wo 22 && 29 juni 17:15
U12 2011/2012 Wo 22 && 29 juni 17:15
U14 Jongens 2009/2010 Do 23 & 30 juni 18:30
U14/U16/U18 Dames 2005/2010 Di 28 juni 18:30
U16 Jongens 2007/2008 Do 23 && 30 juni 20:00
U18 Jongens 2006/2006 Ma 20 && 27 juni 18:30
U20/22/Heren * 2004+ Di 28 jun * 20:00
* & Wo 15 & 22 juni 20:00 in de Calandhal
** zie appgroep voor extra trainingen landelijke selecties